An introductory class devised to help home bakers knead, proof and bake homemade sourdough that would rival any artisan bakery. Come and learn the fundamentals of traditional home baking from Burnham Bakery’s own master baker.

Structured to promote the importance of organic, sustainable practices, the classes use only natural ingredients along with traditional baking techniques.
Over the course of just a three hour period, you will learn:

- How to initiate a sourdough culture
- About different types of flours
- How to maintain the culture
- Mixing a Dough
- Moulding
- Baking

Along with the baking session – within which you’ll be able to engage with the baker and ask as many questions as you need – you will also receive morning tea, a tour of Burnham Beeches and the various ways in which the property promotes sustainable agricultural practices and then your very own loaf of bread to take home with you.
These short courses are an easy and engaging way to improve on your skills or help ignite a new passion and also offer a great event for a group booking.
Run every Saturday morning from 9am the course is priced at $100 per person and includes a goodie bag for you to keep practicing your new craft at home.

Spaces are limited, so please book early to avoid disappointment.

For reservations please contact 03 9691 3858

DATE: Every Saturday Morning
Time: From 9 AM
LOCATION: Piggery Cafe,
1 Sherbrooke Rd, Sherbrooke VIC 3789
COST: $100 per person