Shannon says thanks

Taking Vue de monde from a small, 40 seat restaurant to the diverse group of businesses it is today has only been made possible with the support of countless people working tirelessly behind the scenes. In particular, the restaurant move to Rialto has required a special kind of commitment and vision. It is impossible to put together an exhaustive list however these are some of the people I would particularly like to thank -

San Pelligrino Akira Isagowa annas_gallery.jpg Arteveneta Arup atherton.jpg bicardi.jpg bibendum.jpg bwired_logo.jpg captainsofindustry.jpg Christofle Custom Sound Vision Design works Diadem elenberg_fraser.png emma_lashmar.png ewater.png James_Braund.jpg kidman-furniture_1.jpg squidlines.png m.j.bale.png markdouglas.png moet_henessy.jpg monika.jpg nespresso.jpg pheoniks.jpg precision_plating.jpg riedel.jpg roberts_hassett.jpg ross-ridier_1.jpg somsamekhobars.png treasury_wine_estate.jpg Miele2C_100x102.jpg