Burnham Bakery at Eastland

Shop K208, Eastland Shopping Centre VIC 3134
T: +61 3 99691 3888
Monday to Wednesday 9am - 5:30pm
Thursday and Friday 9am - 9pm
Saturday 9am - 5pm
Saturday 10am - 5pm

Café Vue Melbourne International Airport

CAFÉ VUE HAS TWO GREAT LOCATIONS AT MELBOURNE INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT - Café Vue Express - Landside Terminal 2 (near the international check in counters) - Accessible to all visitors to the airport for cakes, sandwiches, macarons, 5 senses coffee and Airline boxes to go. Café Vue - Airside Terminal 2 - past customs and just before the International departure gates - Accessible to all International travellers for full pre-flight meals as well as take away options.
If you are heading overseas, Café Vue located past customs also offers a range of quick take away meals, cakes, chocolates and pastries as well as exceptional coffee.
Our signature Café Vue Airline boxes (for breakfast, lunch and dinner) are designed to be taken on board your flight. Full table service is offered throughout the café with a quick snack menu and a more substantial, traditional menu available as a la carte or a fixed priced Menu du Jour. This is available for lunch and dinner accompanied by an extensive wine, beer and cocktail list. Change the way you fly!

Menu & Beverage List

Café Vue Express- Landside Terminal 2 (near the international check in counters) Café Vue-Airside Terminal 2 (past customs and just before the International departure gates)
T: +61 3 9310 5091
7 days a week 6am-1:00am 365 days a year
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5 Senses Coffee

The prime mission of Five Senses is to provide coffee, as it should be"”unadulterated, pure and sublime. Established in 2000 and now with commercial roasting facilities in both Melbourne and Perth, this quest for the finest coffee experience conceivable has taken the team at Five Senses across the globe initiating and cultivating relationships based on fairness, excellence and consistency.
Five Senses procure their beans directly from brokers according to fresh crop and harvest cycles and relationships are also forged directly with the growers. Bean selection is rigorously scrutinised in the Five Senses Lab. Five Senses are engaged in a number of direct trade projects contributing to the long term sustainability of the coffee industry in places such as Bali, Papua New Guinea and Sumatra.
It is Five Senses commitment to the coffee experience as a whole - from sourcing and roasting to presenting and serving, together with their ethical approach, that led Vue de monde to select Five Senses as our coffee partner. Five Senses coffee is served in all of our venues.
Our Blend
VUE Coffee by Five Senses is an exclusive blend crafted by Five Senses and Vue de monde. It is a lively, sweet and well balanced coffee with a rich silky body, which works well with milk producing a memorable coffee. The finish is clean and complements the subtle berry and dark chocolate flavors. The origins contained in the blend are - Brazilian (20%),Columbian (20%), Costa Rican (15%), Ethiopian (25%), Guatemalen (10%), Sumantran (10%).
Vue Coffee by Five Senses is available in 250 gm retail packs from the Shop and at each of our cafés.